Choose Foxtrail! – written by Anne Seppälä

We’ve all been there, balancing between work and leisure and trying to schedule everything even though our free time doesn’t make us feel so relaxed anymore when running from one place to another. Especially exercise and socializing don’t seem to go hand in hand. Well, you could always go walking, but if you’re like me, you might be more willing to embrace the precious time with your friends and come up with something interesting to do by trying out new things and locations. 

But what if you could have your leg day AND enjoy your friends’ company from one cool spot to another? Foxtrail City Adventure is a unique concept that gives you and your companions a pure feel-good outdoor exercise while putting your brains into use and warming up your heart and soul with the social aspect as well. Talk about a real full-body workout if you ask me!

Foxtrail is a cool and relaxed replacement to any sport and here’s why:

  • Fun
  • Fresh air
  • Step count
  • Exciting

The idea itself is burdening enough. But with Foxtrail, you do go around places by foot but your mind is somewhere else. You and your group will be having fun while solving out tasks and mysteries in order to continue the leg – and totally forget the idea that you’re actually having an exercise at the same time! 

Fresh air makes you feel so good! And the places you’ll discover are one of a kind. Even if you’re a local, you’ll probably end up surprising yourself with the things Helsinki actually has to offer. Many sights and surroundings are easily taken for granted but if you take a minute and have a closer look, you might be surprised! No spoiler alert, you need to try this yourself!

Previous research has shown that walking is one of the best ways to keep in shape, increase your blood circulation and embrace the overall wellbeing. The widely-recognized recommendation to take 10,000 steps per day is easily approached on a Foxtrail route that is approximately four kilometres long. So in case you get lost and end up taking more steps, you are actually a winner!

You will receive the warm and fuzzy excitement while sharing the inventive setting together with your nearest and dearest. And since there’s no time pressure, you and your friends can also have the chat you were looking forward to have, and by all means, definitely stop when a cool new spot is discovered! Or in case you have been married for ages and are in short of topics to discuss, you surely have the experience that will be a real conversation piece itself. Just kidding! Silence is a virtue and Foxtrail actually could be finished without speaking a word. Could it be meditative too?

We could go on forever but to summarize, have a try yourself and see how it goes! Allocating your time between the social and the workout aspect has never been as easy as this. And don’t you worry, your casual Sunday strolls will keep their charm, although you might find yourself yearning for a bit of an excitement after this one! 

Anne Seppälä

The author

Anne – I work in communications and creative writing, but choosing my holiday destination sometimes feels like the toughest job. Lucky we have Helsinki!

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