About us

It all started 15 years ago in the Swiss Alps. The founder and CEO of Foxtrail Switzerland, Fredy Wiederkehr, came up with the fascinating idea of a treasure hunt as an outdoor activity for his family. Soon after he turned it into a business idea that would be suitable as well as affordable to everyone regardless of age and economy.

Over the past years, Foxtrail (Switzerland) has designed 46 trails in 11 regions of Switzerland.

In the spring of 2016, Jan Werlé, CEO of City Buddy Oy in Helsinki, contacted Foxtrail Switzerland to start a collaborating. The development of the first two Foxtrails in Helsinki started in the beginning of the spring 2017.

In honour of Finland’s 100th anniversary the trails in Helsinki are called Sampo and Louhi, named after the Finnish National Epic “Kalevala”.

City Buddy Oy operates the two Foxtrails in Helsinki independently in close collaboration with Foxtrail Switzerland.