Adventuring all the way! – written by Anne Seppälä

About to throw a birthday bash, have a hen or stag night to arrange or just hoping to include something special to your overall event planning? Renting a space or organizing a house party BYOB-style never gets old but in case you are looking for a bit more original idea to bring people together in Helsinki, you won’t get disappointed! Live gigs, sporty activities and a city adventure in the streets of Helsinki with Foxtrail might be the secret sauce for a day to remember. Have a look at the following suggestions we came up – for every mindset and budget too!

The adventurous minds will have a variety of activities to choose from: escape rooms have definitely come here to stay and the adventure parks Zippy and Korkee will challenge their visitors with some physical aspect as well.

Of course we’d also love you to have a look at our Foxtrail City Adventure to combine the aspect of solving tasks while having fun and exploring the city at the same time. And in case you’re a bigger bunch of people, why not gamify the setting and have a bit of a competition on which team reaches the finish line first? Any other activity below will be a perfect follow-up after spending some time in the urban streets in Helsinki to create an eventful day!

Get sporty!

Like with Foxtrail, big groups are a wonderful thing to have especially when it comes to sports! The water sport enthusiasts will be pleased to spend some time in Laguuni, which offers a wide selection of outdoor water activities for all levels and tastes, from wake- and flyboarding to SUP and kayaking. Also a tempting sun spot just to enjoy the day with the prettiest waterside view! If the season is not on your side but some sand in your toes feels like the way to go, the indoor beach volley arena Biitsi might be just the right place for you and your crowd. Or why not be bold and bring your peeps to try out some twerking? Tinze Twerk Studio is the first twerk school in Finland and definitely gives an extra flavor for everyone who enjoys the dancing aspect and strutting their style in a fun way!  

Go zen in the city

In case the mindset should require a slower paced activity, we got you covered here! For instance, Helsinki is full of interesting workshops you and your companions might want to experience together. Check kalligrafiastudio to find your inner calligraphist or Septaria to try out some pottery! For the ultimate relaxation, Allas Sea Pool is the perfect spot to dip into the water regardless of the season and let your mind wander while being in the very heart of the city. And of course, yoga will be found in its all possible variations as well, including the super trendy concept combining yoga and beer!

Mix it up with some music!

The music scene in Helsinki is definitely vibrant and alive, offering an ideal option to create an event around it as well! The bigger arenas feature both domestic and international stars while the new and aspiring artists will be kick-starting their careers in the variety of places around Kallio district. Pop in Tenho for its weekly free live gigs or enjoy some rap, hip hop and techno DJ sets in Kaiku, Kuudes Linja or Mascot. The legendary Tavastia in Kamppi district is not to forget and Bar Loose will please the ones after some rock vibes. Or why not join the crowd of Finns singing their hearts out in the variety of karaoke places all around the city? The ultimate party setting for sure!

So what do you think? My favorite combo would include a fresh dip in the sea, continuing the adventure with Foxtrail in the streets of Helsinki and ending the night at a party venue rocking the socks off!


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Anne – I work in communications and creative writing, but choosing my holiday destination sometimes feels like the toughest job. Lucky we have Helsinki!

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