Find your perfect match with Foxtrail

Are you looking for the perfect match? Do you want to try something else than dating apps? Do you want to meet real people in a relaxed environment? Then we have a new dating format for you. Why not combining a fun city adventure game with meeting new people and maybe find your new love?

  • Date: 20.5.2023
  • Time: 13:00
  • Who: Everybody who wants to meet new people in a relaxed way
  • Costs: 12€ per person incl. VAT, payable by invoice prior the event.
  • How long: Event in total from 3 hours – open end.
    Foxtrail duration: 1,5 – 2 hours
  • After trail get-together presented by Helsinki Bryggeri: Beer tasting 10€ and -10% discount on bar menu.
  • Teams: Up to 6 persons per team
  • Age: Minimum age 18
  • Languages: Finnish and English teams
  • Weather: Dress according to the weather, Foxtrail is an outdoor all weather activity.
  • How: Complete the application form below. We will try to to make teams according to your preferences. We cannot guarantee the participation in the event. We will confirm the participation latest on 8.5.2023
After Foxtrail get-together presented by Helsinki Bryggeri

Participants will be informed by e-mail.