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The concept of an escape room has been super popular for quite some time now and definitely for a reason: what a great way to put your brains into use and spend some quality time with a cool bunch of people at the same time! But what if you could take the experience a bit further, combining the idea of solving tasks while also exploring Helsinki and its surroundings? Foxtrail is the new kid on the block in that sense, combining the best parts of a room escape setting and turning the whole experience into a serious adventure!

The escape room way of thinking is here to stay – and for a good reason!

When it comes to Foxtrail and an escape room they both have one thing in common, offering a solution for the problem of deciding on an activity especially when there’s a big group of people featuring members from all aspects of life. Think about dancing for example: some people love to get their groove on whilst some are happier in a setting without any rhythmic requirements. If you choose Foxtrail or an escape room, you are likely to please most people and actually join forces with the demographic differences that will be a true asset when solving the variety of clues!

Me and my colleagues had the pleasure of going after the fox ourselves. Having had an escape room as our previous team building activity, we thought we’d go for something similar but with a bit of a twist! We didn’t want to do anything too sporty, but definitely wanted to get active, compete and have a good time while also pulling together as a team. And the overall experience definitely exceeded our expectations! We had enough people to book the both trails so we could have the competition aspect too, but when losing to the other team who were first to cross the finish line, we could always put the blame on the trails being different (yeah right).

Foxtrail levels up the typical room escape setting and takes the mystery outdoors!

One thing that we absolutely loved about Foxtrail was that the location was changing all the time and we actually ended up spending time in parts of Helsinki we usually never cross paths with on our everyday lives. So even for a local, this adventure is also about rediscovering the city. For example, yours truly was mesmerized by a cool terrace bar in Katajanokka district most of us didn’t know existed! And since Foxtrail doesn’t have the same time pressure as there is in a typical escape room setting, and even if the teams are competing, it’s all about enjoying ourselves! So why not sit for a drink and recharge for a bit before continuing the journey.

Another difference that we were happy to welcome was the idea that the tasks and clues had a varying nature that created a whole new dynamic for the experience. When it comes to escape rooms, they usually concentrate purely on problem solving whilst Foxtrail also requires you to observe the surroundings and solve the clues that might not make sense right away but will come in handy in the stages to come. And oh the amount of task-related gadgets, things and clues that are hidden in the city! Definitely felt like being part of a secret society, which everyday wanderers didn’t know anything about! 

Foxtrail vs. escape room – similar goal approached in a different manner

Both Foxtrail and an escape room challenge their participants to find their way to the finish line, whether it’s a way out or solving the one last clue. But there are also multiple things that separate Foxtrail from a regular escape room and turn it into an activity worth considering for. Still in doubt whether to stay indoors or go out and explore? The following points might help you to make up your mind! 

Foxtrail city adventure:

  • Suitable for everyone who are capable of moving around or have someone to assist them, by foot, by bicycle or by public transport 
  • Unlike an escape room, Foxtrail doesn’t have a time pressure, but in case you want to, why not turn it into a competition as well! 
  • The length of a Foxtrail route is not too exhausting (approx. 4 km) but the time spent outdoors will definitely make you feel refreshed afterwards. An activity in a way a regular escape room cannot compete with!
  • The excitement of solving tasks is prevailing while going around places you don’t expect to discover! 
  • There’s no such thing as bad weather if you’re prepared for it, so even in the Finnish conditions, this activity will please the curious minds all year-round

Whether you end up choosing an escape room or Foxtrail, either way we are sure you and your friends will have good times ahead while solving the clues together! And in case you had the Foxtrail experience, feel free to share how you liked it and what was the special moment or discovery for you! 

Anne Seppälä

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Anne – I work in communications and creative writing, but choosing my holiday destination sometimes feels like the toughest job. Lucky we have Helsinki!

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