How does it work?

Book your Foxtrail

Book your Foxtrail

  • Choose trail, date and start time. 
  • For up to 6 persons you can book and pay online.  
  • Contact us for groups of 7 and more and we will organize the booking for you. You can also book serveral teams online.
  • If you wish to pay by invoice, please contact our customer support.

Get your documents

  • When you have completed the booking, you will receive your booking confirmation and Foxtrail instruction by email. Please check your spam folder in case you haven’t received the e-mail.
  • Print or download your instructions and Foxtrail ticket.
Start location

Find the start point

  • Head to the Central Railway Station (Rautatientori) to begin your trail. The exact start point is revealed in the Foxtrail instructions.
  • Trams will be used during the Foxtrail. For participants without a travel card or the HSL mobile ticket app we recommend buying a ticket in advance from the R-kiosk at the Railway station or from a ticket machine along the way. Depending on your pace you will need one or two single AB tickets (valid 80min). For information on ticket options visit
  • If you do not want to use trams you can also walk the distances.


  • Check in by using the number on your ticket.
Foxtrail tag

Have fun on your Foxtrail

  • Have a great time following the fox and exploring Helsinki in a new way! 


  • Our online helpline is always available and helps to find the next clue.
  • Contact the telephone helpline if the online-help doesn´t help (in English).  

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What is Foxtrail?

Foxtrail is an urban adventure in Helsinki. We offer two individual routes Sampo and Louhi. Participants chase the Fox on foot and public transport. His path is marked by tricky tasks, secret messages and hidden clues which are to be solved and followed in order to find the next clue. Foxtrail is a great day out for work teams, businesses and families.

How does it work?

See above 🙂

Choose a suitable day and starting time for your team of 2 to 6 persons. Book and pay your Foxtrail online. You will receive the booking confirmation and other necessary files by email. Now you are ready for your adventure! With the help of the Foxtrail instructions teams follow the trail at their own pace. The Helpline service provides support throughout the trail. In order to follow the trail, each team needs the booking confirmation, Foxtrail instructions and a mobile phone. Finding the hidden clues and solving the tasks require communication and teamwork!

How can I book a Foxtrail?

Groups with up to 18 people can book the trail and starting time directly online. The reservation must be made at least 2 hours before the start of the adventure. All free starting times can be reserved. Larger groups can request a separate quote through our website. Please send your request as early as possible to secure your preferred date and time. The exact number of participants must be known no later than 8 days before the adventure.

What should I wear?

Spring, summer, autumn

Make sure you dress appropriately for the weather and wear good, comfortable shoes (trainers, shoes with good walking soles, light hiking boots, etc.)

!!! Winter !!!

Our routes are available round the year, even when its snowy and slippery! In winter, good footwear and warm clothing are essential. Please note that the winter weather in Helsinki can be very cold, with temperatures as low as -25°C.

Is Foxtrail an all-weather activity?

Yes. Foxtrail is a suitable activity in any kind of weather. We aim to ensure access to all parts of the trail around the year, regardless of weather. In winter, there may be parts of the trail where there is no winter maintenance. These parts can be slippery or snowy, but still accessible. Routes may need to be shut down due to exceptionally bad weather.

What do I need on the Foxtrail?

Take the booking confirmation printout, with the barcode with you on the trail, you will need it! You will also need the Foxtrail instructions, a pen for taking notes and at least one mobile phone per team. A city map can be helpful, but is not necessary. A flashlight might come in handy on the trail during the darker winter months.

IMPORTANT: Trams will be used during the Foxtrail. For participants without a travel card or the HSL mobile ticket app we recommend to buy two single tickets (valid 80 minutes) from the R-kiosk or ticket machine at the Central Railway Station. Please remember to validate your ticket on the tram.

For more information about ticket options visit:

Does the Foxtrail start at a certain location?

Both trails start from the Helsinki Central Railway Station (Rautatientori). The exact starting point is stated in the Foxtrail instructions, which will be sent to you by email after the booking has been made.